Monday, February 02, 2009

Oh this is priceless

It’s February 2, and the tax data is in.  My initial tax figuring shows that the Federal government owes me money and I owe the state of California money.   Perfect.  No IOUs coming from Sacramento in this household.  Only crisp, clean, newly printed dollar bills thanks to the Federal Reserve, which I will then turn around and pay about half of to Sacramento.  (I usually plan on no refunds of any kind, but these stock losses killed me this year).

So I’m going to wait until 11:59pm on April 15 to send that check to Sacramento, encased in a block of concrete and covered with tar.  Screw ‘em.  This California legislature is a complete joke.  I’ve voted against the establishment in Sac-town ever since I’ve voted here in California.  It’s made no difference.  The people keep voting in the same people over and over.  Carole Migden, and now Mark Leno.  Is there any difference between these two?  Please.

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