Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Why the hell are people still using Quicktime?

I just went to look at some samples at a local ad and graphic design house.  Guess what!  They’re still posting their videos in Quicktime.

Who does that?  Are they that isolated from the real world?  Ever heard of “You Tube”?

I’m amazed that people on the “cutting edge” can be so behind the times.  As far as I’m concerned there are only three acceptable formats for video on the web anymore (soon, one):

  • FLV.  Plays in a Flash viewer.
  • VC-1.  Plays in Silverlight or Windows Media.
  • H.264.  Plays in Flash and soon Silverlight.

H.264 will be the single format for everyone to use soon. 

In the meantime, why the hell do I have to put up with Apple’s annoyo-ware[*] just to look at your reel?  Make the level of entry as low as possible.

[* – if you don’t believe me, try using Quicktime on Windows.  Not only don’t the play and timebar widgets display properly half the time, but Quicktime is constantly bugging you to be updated.  Apple, you lost the format war, revoke quicktime now!]


Brandon said...

Actually, they won the format war. x264 is mp4, which uses the Quicktime container.

Good tech at that level, crappy windows programming on top of it.

Here's hoping that Windows 7 comes with some sort of generic updater service, so we don't have separate updaters running for every piece of software you install, constantly bugging you to update this or that. Makes me thankful for Google's update philosophy: we'll just auto-update our software, m'thanks.

Trimbo said...

IIRC, Windows already does have a generic updater service. The problem is 3rd parties rarely sign up with Microsoft to handle their updating.

Auto updating is fine by me, as long as I don't get taken to a download page like I do with every Adobe or Apple thing.