Monday, March 30, 2009

I’m a PC, so what?

I liked this new Microsoft ad:

But part of me is just like, “so what?”

I haven’t understood buying a Mac in about a decade.  They’re less functional and more expensive.  Does Microsoft really think that the Apple business is ever going to make inroads into Windows on the desktop?  Mac market share has gone from, what, 4% to 7% market share over the 12 years since Jobs returned?   Wow.  Challenge.


sgc said...

Dude, did they use you as reference for this piece of awesomeness?

Trimbo said...

Which one am I? The one doing the dunking or the dude staring at the other guy's ass from below the basket? Or did you mean they used me as reference for the Cthulhu type monster thing.

I personally take the image to represent one man's struggle to overcome the democratic-socialist system.