Saturday, March 28, 2009

MobileMe vs. MyPhone

I’ve now gotten a chance to try both out quite a bit. 

The two services are  different.  MyPhone is designed to back your phone up.  MobileMe was designed to be the source of all of your information – the Exchange Server, if you will – and is very similar to ActiveSync as a result.  Obviously, Microsoft has had an answer to that for years (it’s called… ActiveSync).  So a comparison is kind of futile, but I live my life in futility.

Therefore, onto the versus. 

First of all, MobileMe just didn’t work when I first started using it.  You can read up on that in my post entitled “MobileMess”.  MyPhone actually worked.  What a concept.

MobileMe is slower and less usable than free offerings from Google, Yahoo and Microsoft.  This is true today, 9 months after they launched it.

MobileMe complains it doesn’t support IE when you log into the website.  Still.  In 2009.  You’ve got to be kidding me.

MobileMe has no new features compared to Gmail or Hotmail.  It is bare bones.  MyPhone does novel things like back up my SMS, all files and music from my phone.

MobileMe is completely screwed up on Windows.  If you tried to set it up to sync with Outlook you would get constant errors, duplicate data, etc.  MyPhone doesn’t have this functionality, since ActiveSync is how you would normally do this sort of thing.  Hopefully they will go here in the future and provide ActiveSync from Live Mail/Calendar.

MobileMe is $99 and Apple would not give me a refund when I was dissatisfied.  MyPhone is free and actually works. 

MyPhone allows for multiple phones on the same Windows Live account.  MobileMe does not.

MyPhone has gotten updated within the 2 weeks since I started using it.  MobileMe looks no different than when I joined it 9 months ago.

MobileMe, for some unknown reason, modeled their logo after Windows Me.

I mean, seriously.  The last one is all you need to know.

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