Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Top U2 Videos

I’m a huge U2 fan – or at least once was.  I stopped running out to buy their album after All That You Can’t Leave Behind.  Though I do think their best is “Achtung Baby”, so at least I’m not one of those people who sits around wishing they hadn’t lost the angst of albums like Boy and War.

Anyway, I just watched maybe 15 U2 videos on Comcast On Demand because they have a ton on there.  I didn’t watch every one, but here are my favorites, in no particular order except #1:


5) With or Without You.

This might not be the fanciest video ever, but it introduced a generation to U2 because it was huge on MTV.

4) Electrical Storm.

Of all of the U2-Anton Corbijn videos, I pick this one.


3) Walk On

You know, people overcoming the challenges of life, right?  Well, whatever.  The indoor shots of the band play have a very nice quality to the lighting, a side light and fill that work well.  The yellow/orange and green colors used across the video is very aesthetically pleasing to me.  Love the pull outs at the end even if they have a total digital zoom quality to them.



2) Lemon

I’m tempted to not include this one because the closeups of Bono are so unappealing, but otherwise it is such a great concept it must be included.  And is the best song off of Zooropa and one of my favorite acts for that tour and the Pop tour.

1) Even Better Than the Real Thing

No question in my mind this is U2’s best video.  It’s visually addictive and therefore ties in very well to the ZooTV concept.  Love the splicing in of Prince, Johnny Rotten, etc.


Notable not on the list:  One (all 3 videos)… I always remember that Buffalo video when I think of this song, but, in retrospect, this song is too good for a video.   The other is “Where the Streets Have No Name”.  First of all, wow do they look cheesy in that video.  Second of all, the Beatles won the rooftop concert contest.  Can’t put this video here for that fact alone.

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b said...

A notable omission from your list is Numb.