Wednesday, March 18, 2009

U2 Albums Ranked

Ok, apologies for flooding the blog with U2 to those with no interest but this is of grave importance. I just typed “U2 albums ranked” into Google and could not believe some of the rankings I saw. October #1? War #11? This record must be set straight. I will not rank the new album.

#11: Rattle and Hum. This is the album akin to a popular movie having a saturday morning cartoon out of it. Highlight song: “God Part II” Lowlight: “All Along the Watchtower”

#10: October. Has one good song: Gloria.

#9: How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb. Has one good song: Vertigo. I think I’ve listened to this album a total of 5 times. Tops.

#8: Pop. I liked this album when it came out. It just hasn’t stuck with me. “Discotheque”, “Last Night on Earth”, “Playboy Mansion” and “If You Wear That Velvet Dress” are the only songs I can eve stand now. The show was great.

#7: All That You Can’t Leave Behind. A slightly better version of How to Dismantle. The first side (if sides even count anymore), is great. The rest is just boring.

#6: Boy. What more is there to say, the album that launched them has some amazing tunes on it. I’d actually recommend the live album “Under a Blood Red Sky” for the best versions of Electric Co and I Will Follow. It also has 11 O’Clock Tick Tock which was an awesome single released around the same time. Oh, are we still talking about Boy? Check out “Electric Co.”

#5: War. I seriously hate putting this album this low in the list because it’s just awesome. But it’s dated. The album has two legendary songs, a bunch of songs that true U2 fans will love and that’s about it. My favorite song on it is either “Like a Song” or “Drowning Man.” See, you’ve never heard of those songs right? The album doesn’t really live on, just Sunday Bloody Sunday and New Years’ Day.

#4. The Unforgettable Fire. This is Joshua Tree Lite. A very, very good album. Another album where the first side is great, second side, not so much. “Bad” is awesome though.

#3. Zooropa. That’s right you tone deaf morons of the internet! Zooropa is one of the top albums U2 ever put out there. Zooropa, Lemon, Daddy’s Gonna Pay, Some Days Are Better, First Time, Dirty Day, Wanderer (with CASH!). This album is awesome.

#2. Joshua Tree. Yada yada yada. With or Without You. Yada. Exit. Red Hill Mining Town. One Tree Hill. Ho hum. Only one of the greatest collection of songs ever put onto tape is U2’s #2 album.

#1. Achtung Baby. I’m astonished actually at how low this album is on the list of many of the U2 album lists. Shocked and disappointed. Seriously, are you guys tone deaf? This album has ONE on it. You know… ONE? It’s like U2’s best song evarrr? Not to mention “Until the End of the World”, “Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses”, “So Cruel”, “The Fly”, “Ultra Violet”. This is the album that almost broke up the band. Those always the best albums for every band, right?

So there you have it, U2’s top albums. Next time, just ask me. Or do I have to spend the rest of my days trying to educate the internet about what’s good in this world?


Mark said...

Not a bad list. Personally, I'd put Rattle & Hum higher for Angel of Harlem as well, but that's just me.

Never been a huge Zooropa fan myself, but compared to Atomic Bomb, it's a freaking masterpiece. I can barely listen to the new album.

Trimbo said...

I never really liked Angel of Harlem. However I can imagine putting Atomic Bomb or the new Album below Rattle and Hum. For the record, I get enjoyment out of Rattle and Hum when it came out.