Sunday, April 05, 2009

The best thing about Apple

You know what the best thing about Apple is?  The Apple Store. 

  • The Genius Bar is a really straightforward place to get tech support.  People like being able to see someone in person, not just talk to some guy in India who is following a flowchart for tech support.  This is good for tech people like me, since I want the person to be able to recognize that I know what hell I’m talking about.  And it’s good for novices, because they can take their broken computer there and show it to someone, rather than trying to describe it on the phone.
  • The classes.  What a stroke of genius this was.  Buy a Mac or iPhone, we’ll show you how to use it for free.  My mom’s cousin has been doing these classes for the iPhone at the Burlingame Apple Store and loves it.  What’s great about this is that it appeals to the demographic that doesn’t want to read the manual or try to figure something out for themselves, but would rather have someone show it to them.  Usually this is anyone over the age of 40 who just wants something that works and that they can use and isn’t a gadget freak. 

Pretty cool.   I guess paying more for a Mac subsidizes these services they give to you as a customer.   And this is probably why the Gateway and Dell stores just haven’t done well.   Who cares about going to the store to buy things?  I want the store there for when I have a problem after I’ve bought something.  Otherwise I’d just order it from mail order and be happy with phone support.

It would be wise of Microsoft to follow through on their plans to open Microsoft stores and help people use Windows with free classes like Apple supplies.  But I’m not clear on how they’d have a genius bar.  Would the Windows geniuses simply blame the hardware vendor or the hardware vendor’s drivers?

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