Friday, April 24, 2009

Resolving billing disputes

Just in case anyone doubts that Verizon Wireless' customer service is about a million times better than AT&T's:

Verizon Wireless: 5 minutes, 1 call
AT&T: 1 hour and counting, 2 calls

These stats don't include time to get someone on the phone in the first place. The AT&T guy "didn't submit it right" the first time -- he took about 45 minutes to get it entered. I've been on the phone 15 minutes so far to try to resolve this again.


Anonymous said...

I still hold a grudge against anything Verizon because part of them used to be GTE. I figure it took less time to deal with them because of all the practice they've had screwing things up.

Trimbo said...

Actually, Verizon even had the updated bill in my email box this morning.

Meanwhile, AT&T told me that the first guy had screwed it up and it needed to be re-entered from scratch.

So Verizon's doing something right.