Thursday, April 23, 2009

Unsubscribed from Zune Pass

Of course, my subscription just renewed 2 days ago so that means it goes off in a month.

It's really too bad, because I loved the service. However, I vote with my dollars, and Microsoft's removing all indie labels from Zune Pass is totally unacceptable. I think the third album I hit today that has been "removed from the marketplace" was my tipping point. I might as well be buying these off of iTunes if it's going to be this way.

See Zune Pass content disappearing at a geometric rate for more.


Short list of albums removed:

  • Guitar Wolf -- Jet Generation
  • High Contrast -- Tough Guys Don't Dance
  • Daniel Portman -- Twisted Memories
  • Atari Teenage Riot -- 60 Second Wipeout
  • Band of Horses -- Both albums
  • Swayzak -- Dirty Dancing
  • Gus Gus -- Forever
Like I said, Indie stuff is basically dead on Zune.


Timinator said...

Wow, you get annoyed pretty easily. I see 8 gus gus albums on, all with MP3s availble.
They drop *ONE* album and you freak out? Blame the record labels for that. Leasing is the way to go, otherwise I couldn't afford to listen to my current library of 4500 songs.

Trimbo said...

Uh, none of the Gus Gus albums are actually available on Zune Pass!

The other day I approximated my library at 2500 songs from Zune pass. Right now, I'm estimating at least 30%, probably more, are dead from this change.

I'll be happy to come back to Zune Pass when they get the music back. I'm not sure what the point is when all I can listen to with ZP are bands from major labels that I mostly have no interest in.

BTW, I can't imagine you haven't run into this problem in the last few weeks? I find that very surprising if you haven't.

Timinator said...

The ones from the Rhino label are there, Beggars and Underwater are purchase only.

My library seems intact. There was a period about 6 months ago that had a rights upheaval and I had to re-download songs, but they seemed to be available. (looks like the label changed on many songs, like early Depeche Mode)