Monday, April 20, 2009

Zune Pass content disappearing at a geometric rate

You know how Skynet begins to learn at a geometric rate, then decides to destroy all humans? Zune Pass is kind of like that, but in the form of a black hole sucking my subscription money.

I'd approximate that no less than 40% of the stuff I've downloaded from Zune Pass is "no longer available on Marketplace for download." So most of my music collection has been invalidated with the flip of a switch over at Microsoft. Hey, thanks guys!

Every day that goes by seems like another opportunity to ditch Zune Pass. I have really enjoyed downloading music to my Zune and the Zune pass, but what's the point if it's going to be like this? I'd rather not find the music in the first place than to have it go away on me and have to buy it on iTunes anyway.

Plus, the new Zune HD is going to be a touchscreen-only device.

Hey, I have one of those--it's called my iPhone--and hate it for playing music. It's too hard to use in the car. Without Zune Pass being worthwhile, and with a new device that seems just like my annoying-to-use-in-the-car iPhone, I wonder how much longer having a Zune is going to be any fun.


Anonymous said...

I feel you man. I was very excited about my new zune HD. I had a 120 GB before, so I obviously had to trim down my collection. I plug in my new zune and leave it to sync the music that made the cut. I return to discover that 3000+ of the songs were "not added". I have been a loyal zune fan for 5 years and I have been subscribed to zune pass for the last 2 and have been loving it, but this just plain sucks now.
If they are going to be cutting back on the music available, they should at least lower the monthly cost.

Trimbo said...

It seems like music disappears and comes back all the time. Maybe they hit a limit on how much they will pay that record label?