Saturday, May 02, 2009

Cisco VPN under Windows XP mode on Windows 7

For those of you who are looking for a solution to Cisco VPN on 64-bit versions of Windows 7:  it works in XP mode, at least in a non-tunneling way (so far).

  1. Install XP Mode for Windows 7 editions that support it (Pro, Ultimate)
  2. Launch into XP mode and install Cisco VPN
  3. Close down XP mode shell and you’ll see Cisco VPN added to your Windows 7 Start menu:

  4. Now you’ll be able to launch Cisco VPN from your Windows 7 session.

The next trick is to make a tunneling program between Windows 7 and the Cisco VPN that’s running on XP mode.  Depending on how ambitious I feel later, I may take this on.  If someone else does, let me know.  Anything to screw Cisco on this stupid x64 VPN ruse of theirs.  I got a quote that it would cost our company nearly $100K to support x64 clients (i.e. AnyConnect) because of Cisco’s refusal to make an x64 client.  That’s unacceptable--especially considering most companies have VPN concentrators that are still under support!


Anonymous said...

I did the exact same thing on my windows 7 X64 and installed cisco vpn and putty under virtual XP. Now i can connect to my work using cisco vpn and putty to all my servers at work. Even my work email works.

PJ Hauser said...

Thanks for the post! I had the same issue and got it up and running in XM mode without a hitch!

Julian said...

I had a different problem. My Belkin router did not support the Cisco VPN connection.

Something that I wanted to do is create a tunnel to a Virtual Private Server VPS from a Windows Vista 32 Bits, and then connect using putty SSH to the linux VPS and bypass all the traffic from the linux vps to Cisco, but I could not achieve that, unfortunately. I am connecting through dial up... GRRR.

Greets from

Anonymous said...

The way I solved mine is to install Shrew VPNClient.
Once install, find a XP or 32bit windows machine with Cisco VPN setup and configure. Locate the Cisco .pcf profile file (which actually contains the entire VPN profile). copy the .pcf file into the x64 bit machine, Use the Import function from Shrew to import the profile and you have the IPSec client connect back to a Cisco PIX or ASA router.

Anonymous said...

Shrew is a good option. Except if you are using a VPN concentrator with a policy that looks for the Cisco F/W on the VPN client. In which case use the XP mode.

Jeff said...

Shrew VPN is a perfect workaround for the Cisco VPN/WIN 7 WWAN problem. Thanks for finding a solution. Get off your duff Cisco!!