Thursday, June 25, 2009

Does anyone believe Michael Jackson was not a Pederast?

Do people forget about the whole trial thing a few years ago? Because I’m just wondering if all of the “celebrities” on TMZ (Lou Ferrigno? WTF?) sending their condolences to the Jackson family have forgotten about this. Jackson’s death seems more like an opportunity to pump up your own career than to actually care about this guy. Case in point:

That said, yes, Jackson was a spectacular musician. It’s too bad he spent the last 20 years of his life being a freakshow and (probably, though not provably) molesting children.


Anonymous said...

Do the research behind both molestation cases and you'll certainly reach the conclusion MJ is innocent. He was a victim of extortion and greed by some very dubious people. I recommend Aphrodite Jones book 'Michael Jackson Conspiracy'. Also read a magazine article from 1994 called 'Was Michael Jackson Framed?' by Mary A. Fisher (GQ Magazine).

Anonymous said...

There will always be people who believe that he was a pederast, despite some evidence that the parents of the victims were intent on extorting money.

Likewise there will always be those that believe he was innocent that it was nothing but extortion.

There are also those who are so fanatic that they would forgive him for actual murder because of his music.

Neither of these views matter.

What matters are the facts: He was a 50 year old black man, who visually turned himself into a 30 year old white woman. He had severe personality disorders and made very bad choices regarding his personal interactions with children.

In short, he was severely ****ed up and NOT a good role model.

Was he a pederast? I think he really believed that he had an 'innocent love' of children.

However due to his personality disorders, and the lack of any normal social boundaries, I think that he was not a fit person to make that judgement.

Anonymous said...

i believe MJ was a castrati, i strongly believe in this, his father wount fall to do that to him! plus, now we already know that he was sterile and plus told his male friends that his father beat him in private area couple times, so physical damage was done and he was not able to produce any sperm. think about this. i am sure one fine day whole world will find out about this! this is why always cried about his painful childhood... used to grab his crouch! he was a hot male on the stage - total opposite of his real self! he was a victim of his own father and this will be officially confirmed some day. research little bit on who castrati's were, their behavior and you will discover entire MJ mystery!

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