Sunday, November 29, 2009

Stop being Sarah Palin's enablers

I just saw this blog post about Sarah Palin's Scrabble strategy and felt I had to take a minute to write an open letter about it...

To all of the Rachel Maddow-idolizing crazies who are obsessed with Sarah Palin: just stop and take a second to think about what you're doing. You're like the enabler for meth heads.

First of all, you give the "other side" a reason to embrace her further. The more you hate on her in public forums, the more she gets people on her side. You make her the victim.

Second of all, it gives the media a reason to put her on the air. What makes better "news" than someone people love? Someone people hate! We've heard more about Sarah Palin in the last month than we have Barack Obama.

Third, there is no better destination for any politician than irrelevancy. The only way to start the ball rolling is putting out the ignore buffer. Sarah Palin was able to turn the health care debate into a raging inferno with the phrase "death panel." If only we all had started the ignore buffer earlier, this probably would have fallen on deaf ears. [Note: I am against socialized medicine, and even I would prefer not to ever hear her opinion on it nor have it sway anyone to my opinion]

There you go. And this is the last time I ever mention her name, assuming she never will win any kind of public office worth mentioning on this blog.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Should I give up on PC gaming?

For those of you who haven't been following the hub-bub over Modern Warfare 2 on the PC, basically they gimped the crap out of it. The PC title is now restricted to 18 people, and dedicated servers run by Infinity Ward.

I've been playing CoD 4: Modern Warfare for about 2 years on a "hardcore" server that supports 50 people. The server is local, so it has a very fast ping time for me. It's crazy and awesome. Most people probably wouldn't want to play that, but I do, and I enjoy it. I enjoy the real-life aspect of PC multiplayer. Is someone cheating or 'sploiting? Do we all care enough to ban the guy? Or do we just have fun with the everything-goes realm? This is all gone with MW2.

PC gamers will vote down on Amazon any game that looks at them wrong. Spore remains a 1 star game to this day because of its DRM solution. Modern Warfare 2 is therefore a 1.5 star game on Amazon. In this case, I would agree that this game deserves the low rating. It's not a game that appeals to a gamer into multiplayer shooters on the PC. Infinity Ward spent so little time on the port they didn't even bother to localize an error that reports you're having a problem connecting to "Xbox Live" (remember: this is the PC version).

So I just have to wonder, is this a losing battle? Am I, as an aficionado of PC multiplayer shooters, just on my way out? The PC gaming market is pretty targeted towards MMOs at this point anyway, which I have very little interest in. Should I just buy MW2 for PS3 and call it a day?

Sunday, November 01, 2009

2010: Year of Linux on the desktop^H^H^H^H palmtop?

5-6 years ago, who knew that Linux wouldn't break through on the desktop, but would on the "palmtop"? But it appears that's what's going to happen.

Android is, at its core, Linux. Every day, we're hearing about more devices coming out with it. There's the Motorola DROID, of course, which is getting a lot of hype. But there are handsets from HTC, Sony Ericsson and more from Motorola on the way. There's also the Nook, the new eBook device from Barnes and Noble, which uses Android. There's a gaming device with android, and there are netbooks supposedly coming with Android.

All of this Android stuff coming out has me wondering, will Linux begin a road to domination in the palmtop space in 2010? Gartner stats:

The iPhone sold ~5m in Q209. Symbian (really, SYMBIAN?!!) dominated with 20m units. Blackberry had around 7m units. WinMo had around 3.5m. Android had only about 800k units in this sample. It seems like all of these combinations of Android, as well as what seems to be mobile carrier dedication towards making Android work for them, should start to make some serious inroads on these numbers. We shall see.