Sunday, November 01, 2009

2010: Year of Linux on the desktop^H^H^H^H palmtop?

5-6 years ago, who knew that Linux wouldn't break through on the desktop, but would on the "palmtop"? But it appears that's what's going to happen.

Android is, at its core, Linux. Every day, we're hearing about more devices coming out with it. There's the Motorola DROID, of course, which is getting a lot of hype. But there are handsets from HTC, Sony Ericsson and more from Motorola on the way. There's also the Nook, the new eBook device from Barnes and Noble, which uses Android. There's a gaming device with android, and there are netbooks supposedly coming with Android.

All of this Android stuff coming out has me wondering, will Linux begin a road to domination in the palmtop space in 2010? Gartner stats:

The iPhone sold ~5m in Q209. Symbian (really, SYMBIAN?!!) dominated with 20m units. Blackberry had around 7m units. WinMo had around 3.5m. Android had only about 800k units in this sample. It seems like all of these combinations of Android, as well as what seems to be mobile carrier dedication towards making Android work for them, should start to make some serious inroads on these numbers. We shall see.

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