Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Should I give up on PC gaming?

For those of you who haven't been following the hub-bub over Modern Warfare 2 on the PC, basically they gimped the crap out of it. The PC title is now restricted to 18 people, and dedicated servers run by Infinity Ward.

I've been playing CoD 4: Modern Warfare for about 2 years on a "hardcore" server that supports 50 people. The server is local, so it has a very fast ping time for me. It's crazy and awesome. Most people probably wouldn't want to play that, but I do, and I enjoy it. I enjoy the real-life aspect of PC multiplayer. Is someone cheating or 'sploiting? Do we all care enough to ban the guy? Or do we just have fun with the everything-goes realm? This is all gone with MW2.

PC gamers will vote down on Amazon any game that looks at them wrong. Spore remains a 1 star game to this day because of its DRM solution. Modern Warfare 2 is therefore a 1.5 star game on Amazon. In this case, I would agree that this game deserves the low rating. It's not a game that appeals to a gamer into multiplayer shooters on the PC. Infinity Ward spent so little time on the port they didn't even bother to localize an error that reports you're having a problem connecting to "Xbox Live" (remember: this is the PC version).

So I just have to wonder, is this a losing battle? Am I, as an aficionado of PC multiplayer shooters, just on my way out? The PC gaming market is pretty targeted towards MMOs at this point anyway, which I have very little interest in. Should I just buy MW2 for PS3 and call it a day?


Blogger is a Stinking Heap of Pig Dung said...

What would you do instead of gaming: settle down and raise a family?

Trimbo said...

Game on my PS3 AND still raise a family