Sunday, November 29, 2009

Stop being Sarah Palin's enablers

I just saw this blog post about Sarah Palin's Scrabble strategy and felt I had to take a minute to write an open letter about it...

To all of the Rachel Maddow-idolizing crazies who are obsessed with Sarah Palin: just stop and take a second to think about what you're doing. You're like the enabler for meth heads.

First of all, you give the "other side" a reason to embrace her further. The more you hate on her in public forums, the more she gets people on her side. You make her the victim.

Second of all, it gives the media a reason to put her on the air. What makes better "news" than someone people love? Someone people hate! We've heard more about Sarah Palin in the last month than we have Barack Obama.

Third, there is no better destination for any politician than irrelevancy. The only way to start the ball rolling is putting out the ignore buffer. Sarah Palin was able to turn the health care debate into a raging inferno with the phrase "death panel." If only we all had started the ignore buffer earlier, this probably would have fallen on deaf ears. [Note: I am against socialized medicine, and even I would prefer not to ever hear her opinion on it nor have it sway anyone to my opinion]

There you go. And this is the last time I ever mention her name, assuming she never will win any kind of public office worth mentioning on this blog.


Kargapolis said...

You underestimate the craftiness of us liberals, sir. Keeping Palin in the news seems like a great thing for all of us Pinkos.

Trimbo said...

I wish I knew what you were talking about, beyond the sarcasm.