Tuesday, January 05, 2010

No one cares to vote for your Crunchie

Quite possibly the stupidest time of year is when everyone I know who's in any way related to a Dot Bomb starts spamming me to vote for their "Crunchie". If it's not in my mailbox, it's on my mailing lists, and if it's not there, it's coming to me through Twitter or Google Reader. Services that are nice and usually leave me alone suddenly spam me (I'm looking at you Backblaze -- both spammed my reader and my mailbox).

What's a Crunchie? I feel sad having to explain this. It's an award that Tech Crunch gives out to startups in whatever category. It's completely retarded.

In fact, all awards except the Purple Heart are retarded. All awards are a popularity contest except that one. Nobel Prize? So what. Paul Krugman won a Nobel Prize. Oscars? Please. At least with the Purple Heart there's a real measure of deserving the award -- you got your ass shot in the line of duty.

Stop spamming us, we don't care.

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