Saturday, February 20, 2010

Don't use Picasa

Picasa is a piece of shit.

Not only was it not downloading videos from my wife's camera, it has APPEARED to be downloading them because it grabbed the thumbnails from said videos. And it deleted them all off the drive transparently even though it didn't download them.

Gee -- let's delete .MOV files that haven't been downloaded without any kind of warning. Genius.

I whole-heartedly recommend Windows Live Photo Gallery. Not only is it generally better, but it doesn't lose your data transparently. And it can plug into Smugmug, Facebook and any other service you want to upload to.


Trimbo said...

Oh, I want to give a shout-out here to Recuva, the software I used to undelete the .MOV files from the flash drive directly.

Don't worry -- Picasa is still a piece of shit. This doesn't help the movies that Picasa lost prior to the last time the card was deleted, but at least it helped undo some of the damage.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't use Blogspot, either.

For photos, I copy the files off the camera and store them in directories on my filesystem. Then, if I want to, I'll share them with the Internet via Flickr or Picasa.

I don't trust "photo manager" software with my data: are they resizing my JPG files for the web? Are they clobbering my EXIF metadata with their own stuff? And they screwing up my timestamps? Are they doing "magic" auto-corrections to my data? The best way to be sure is to manage your files yourself. (It aint hard.) Then, let accessory programs access your data with parental supervision.

But I'm a technology geek who knows that software is full of unexpected bugs and consequently more paranoid about computers than the average user. ;)


Trimbo said...

Understood, but the typical user needs software that's smart about deletion. It's trivial to have any of these track what's been extracted from the card and warn you when you're about to delete something that hasn't.

b said...

What I can't stand about Picasa is that it's always doing something. I don't know what but I know that if I leave it running with my laptop unplugged, my already shitty battery life is much shittier.

Keir said...

I'm forced to use it- I use blogger too. Is there a choice?

1CC said...

Picasa ruin my image files. Some of them can't even opened with other picture viewer "now"(after installing picasa). Seriously PICASA IS VERY NOT RECCOMENDED, DONT USE IT! YOU ONLY RUINING YOUR PHOTO ALBUMS!