Monday, May 31, 2010

Ubuntu 10.04

I use Windows 7 on all of my PCs, but I always keep a Linux install handy at home. It's great to have when I'm either configuring VMs to be used at work, or just when I was to try something out that isn't normally easy to install on Windows (like, most open source stuff).

So just installed Ubuntu 10.04 in VMWare. Wow, what a slick release! This being X11, there's no possible way I could get past a simple input configuration problem. So I had to deal with that. But otherwise, it's a pretty enjoyable distro.
  • Love the boot speed.
  • IM client built in, plus kinda interesting social network integration with this "me menu"
  • Improvements to the UI shell -- it looks slightly this side of crap. The file explorer is meh, but the overall layout they've made for the shell is cleaner than in the past. As much as I like Windows 7, I am still to this day, not sold on the "dock" interface.
  • I might be dreaming, but the fonts look better.
Biggest downside so far is that it ships with Firefox. I had to fix that quick. Although, I was just playing this Chemical Brothers video at 720P using HTML5 and it was using half of my VM's CPU. Can't have it all.

Well, off to play with Clang now.