Monday, July 04, 2011

Apple is now Microsoft

You know why? Because I've become a Mac person. That would be impossible if they weren't now Microsoft.

The Mac is the path of least resistance. It comes with software that gets the job done (iPhoto, iMovie). It's rare to worry about drivers. You won't worry about support. Apple is ubiquitous. There's an Apple store near every major city. Your iPhone works with it. Your iPod works with it. It has iTunes. It connects to all of your Windows stuff. It's supported by everything you pretty much will care about except some games.

And, having just gone to Best Buy to look over the competition, Apple has the best hardware for the buck. I thought for sure we'd walk out with a PC for my mother-in-law. Instead we walked out planning to buy a Mac. PC laptop makers have completely lost the plot. They've gone from making reasonably priced good hardware to making crap that, while it appears cheap, is actually expensive for what it is. The most egregious problem is the crazily offset trackpad. Whoever thought that laptop users needed a number pad starting at 15" is an idiot. Protip for PC laptop makers: JUST COPY WHAT APPLE DOES. It's not that hard.

You won't find $300 wonders from Apple, but you also won't have computers that die after 6 months. I already learned that lesson by buying my in-laws a netbook. First the wi-fi driver was busted. Then wi-fi died. Then the whole thing died after 13 months. I'm now recommending they get a Macbook Pro 13", and will be ordering them one here shortly.

Maybe I've changed my tune on this because I don't work on software that targets the desktop anymore. I can't possibly fathom making a case for having a Windows laptop at work, where my actual work is on Linux. A Mac is a seriously imperfect solution because it's not Linux, but least with a Mac I can reasonably do my work and still have a desktop experience with commercial applications -- without virtualization.

Or maybe I've changed my tune because the desktop is just that irrelevant. But at the same time, I'm about ready to start recommending to normal people that the buy an iPhone instead of Android.

Or maybe it's just because I'd rather be a normal person, than jumping through hoops to get stuff to work just to save a couple hundred bucks.

Anyway, bottom line: Apple is now Microsoft. They control the consumer market. I think they're making inroads into the enterprise simply because most of the enterprise has started running on the web. I think Apple still has a problem with sunsetting OSes too quickly, but that will eventually change as they reach deeper into Microsoftdom.

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