Monday, October 22, 2012

Apparently, I'm wrong about the New Chromebook

My friend A-Rock ripped me about my last Chromebook post, saying I was reviewing something that wasn't out. It wasn't a review. It was discussion about whether there is a value proposition for the Chromebook.

Either way, I can own up to when I'm wrong, and I may be wrong about this Chromebook thing. It seems that the new Chromebook has plenty of interest. It's currently #1 on the Amazon store under laptops and tablets.

So I started considering more about who would be interested in this device. I had a couple thoughts.

  • College students at schools that are using Google Apps. It turns out that 61 of the "top 100" (not sure of metric) are using Google Apps. Yale, Northwestern, BU, and a lot more. If I were a poor college student again and didn't have a computer of my own, I would probably consider one of these.
  • K-12 students. It seems that districts out there are trying to get a laptop in every child's hands. It occurred to me that advanced districts might be web-based enough to make something like this worth it.
  • Companies that are using Google Apps or are otherwise entirely cloud based. I heard of a bank with >100K people moving to Google Apps recently. Chromebook could be a good device for my company's sales folks -- except for the lack of Skype and Go To Meeting. Although, even Windows-based organizations that use Citrix could benefit from using Chromebooks like this.
So, maybe there is a market for this device. With the "cloud storage" benefits, I can see how it starts to add up to having some real value.  Either way, I wish Google luck on this endeavor.

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