Sunday, December 30, 2012

The numbers show C++ is in decline

I love C++. I think it's cool. I wish I knew it better than I do. I think C++11 is awesome and I recommend to people who want to write cross-platform iOS/Android apps that they use C++.

That said.

There are a lot of reasons not to use C++ for anything in userland other than, say, games. And even then I would say this is mostly a restriction of the platform and its APIs than anything to do with language advantages. You can manage memory off-heap when needed in managed languages.

This blog post documents reasons to not use C++ well. Most of that is debatable, and Microsoft is proselytizing a "C++ renaissance". I wish that were the case in a lot of ways, but the rest of the world is in disagreement. I present the following:

I think this reflects the kind of demand for C++ engineers you see out there in the world. And let's remember, this only samples the jobs that list C++ somewhere in the description. It doesn't mean the job has anything to do with programming C++.

C++ is fantastic for game programming and HFT. I think both of those careers are going to be fairly short-lived in the greater scheme of things, and the above reflects the way the job market is headed.

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